OTEK Bicycles is a bicycle accessory startup founded in the heart of Berlin. We aim to design smart products for urban riders. We are focused on function, simplicity and aesthetic. We want to make your bike more useful and your riding experience easier without compromising the style of your bicycle.

Discover the Aerocarrier

How to bring the convenience of traditional city bicycles to this new type of light city bikes?

The first of its kind

Smart carrier that unites all the features needed to transform your bike into the perfect urban bicycle.


The Aerocarrier is fixed to your seatpost thanks to 4 security screws, you can also lock it to your bike.

Locking compartment

2.5 liters locking trunk where you can store a pump / wallet / toolkit of whatever you can think of.

Rear light

For your security, the Aerocarrier features a 120 lumen and USB chargeable LED light.

Top and side loading

Backpack on top or shopping bags to the side, discover all its loading possibilities.


A great purpose of the Aerocarrier is that it serves you as a stylish back fender.


Made of aluminum and light plastic, the Aerocarrier was designed to weight as less as possible.

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